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It looks like UN Women is having funding problems before it’s launch next month. Unsurprised or appalled? Or both?

The Daily Femme on pole-dancing as exercise — for kids.

More evidence that having an abortion isn’t associated with a risk of mental health problems. (via)

Remember the $27 million Creation Museum in Kentucky? Looks like they’re they’ve been having “date nights” — Terri Whitehouse from Barefoot and Progressive is doing something about it.

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  • beet

    The Wyoming House rejects anti choice bullshit. Imagine of the Sarah Palins or Michelle Bachmanns of the world were as courageous and intelligent as the Republican women legislators quoted in this article.

  • davenj

    Um, how about the fact that one of the director nations for UN Women is, no joke,


    Kind of puts a damper on things.

    • davenj

      I see other comments written after this have made their way through moderation.

      I cannot think of any reason why this comment would be censored, and this is really troublesome. I understand the need for moderating comments on this site, but arbitrary denials of criticism of UN bodies seems to fly in the face of this site’s goals.

      UN Women won’t be valuable of beneficial unless it’s implemented correctly, and part of that means holding the body and its members accountable for their track record on women’s rights. Otherwise this will be another UN Human Rights Council where the key players are countries like Cuba and, you guessed it, Saudi Arabia.

  • http://feministing.com/members/jamboxer/ jamboxer

    Thanks so much, Vanessa! -TW