Introducing: The Stud Magazine

Photo of a big group of folks, primarily people of color, dressed in a variety of masculine spectrum attire

Photo via The Stud Magazine

There’s a new online magazine on the scene called The Stud Magazine. Not sure if the good-looking folks pictured above are the crew behind the magazine, but damn!

The magazine is, in their words:

An online based magazine founded in Toronto with an aim to redefine the term stud and introduce non gender conforming people to mainstream media.

Stud Magazine explores how Studs are looked at in the world we live in. And how can change people’s perceptions…

So what is a Stud? The definition varies, but “Stud” is a term most commonly used among communities of color. It’s an identity label. They are labels that sometimes are about gender, sometimes sexuality, sometimes both. Other labels you might have heard that are similar (not in definition but in category): butch, femme, aggressive, AG, genderqueer.

It seems to be used primarily by folks on the masculine gender spectrum (also known as masculine of center).

The online magazine is awesome. Really amazing photos and content. It’s rare that you see this kind of level of visibility for queer folks of color and that seems to be a big piece of the mission of the magazine.

Check it out.

Of course this awesomeness is from Canada.

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