What We Missed and Happy Holidays!


The Feministing crew will be taking the next few days off to celebrate the holidays. We here at Feministing wish you all the happiest, most feminist of holiday seasons! Posting will resume on Monday. (*Note: We’ve also been receiving emails about user registration problems, so for those having issues, we’re looking into it and will hopefully be resolved soon!)

Amanda Hess on why all of a sudden folks like Bob Marshall care about “unwanted sexual advances” in the military, after the repeal of DADT.

Amanda Marcotte on the retelling of the same misogynist fairy tales in the new book “Man Whisperers.”

A touching story at Colorlines about interracial families.

via Jessica Wakeman at the Frisky writes about this truly appalling card. The vendor for this card writes,

“Congratulations, you got bad touched!” and is advertised by the Etsy seller “youstupidbitch” as “Get creeped on, get raped? Know someone that has? Then this card is for them.”

Image after the jump.


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