What We Missed

Melissa Silverstein on the unique experience of curating a women’s film festival for Barnard College.

Check out ever-controversial Michelle Rhee’s next education reform enterprise.

Check out Hannah Seligson’s interesting piece about young people inventing their own jobs at a time when there are very few.

Jezebel on fashion blog, the Man Repeller.

The Washington Post on “the remarkable journey” of TEDWomen.

The editors of thirdspace, a journal of feminist theory and culture, are taking submissions for a themed issue on, “Generations of Feminism.” If you don’t want them to recycle the same tired old tropes (Electra anyone?!), write something fresh.

HuffPost Education and Get Schooled are teaming up to present Students Sound Off an ongoing student blogger contest aimed at providing students a voice in the education debate. Go tell ‘em.

And, of course, if you’re in NYC, come to our holiday happy hour RIGHT NOW: The Globe, 158 East 23rd Street (between Lexington Ave & 3rd Ave).

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