Balancing Activism and Academics

Being a college activist is hard. Whether you are fighting for queer equality, gender and sex equality or inclusive sexual assault policies, it is very hard. I was moved to write this post after realizing that I oftentimes feel so busy that I don’t get to write as many blog posts as I’d like to at Feministing Campus or AbortionGang. How can one balance their activism with their academics?

For me, I bring my activist work into my academic studies. As a political science and women’s studies double major, I have always sought to bring my work as an activist into everything I do: the papers I write, the conversations I have, etc. I have found that to be a very refreshing way to continue my activist work while remaining faithful to the reason why I’m in college in the first place—to learn. However, how can one be the best activist one can be with a heavy workload.

What do y’all do and what works best for you?

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