New Jersey approves pro-life license plate flair.


According to the Children First Foundation, this is actually a message for “adoption.”

“It’s a pro-adoption plate,” said Dr. Elizabeth Rex of the Children First Foundation while noting some 25 other states allow the sale of them, with roughly $20 per plate going to her and similar organizations.
The money her group collects will be distributed to more than 60 pregnancy crisis centers across New Jersey that try to steer women away from abortion.

I don’t know, this sounds pretty damn forced child-birth to me. The reality is that this doesn’t assume that all political causes can get plates, only ones that have the resources to agitate the DMV.

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  • Emily

    “It’s a pro-adoption plate”
    No it’s not. If it was a pro-adoption plate, it would say “adopt a child” or “choose adoption.” Also, the money would go to efforts to actually help people adopt kids, which is actually very difficult and time consuming if the couple wants to adopt a child from this country.

  • Evelyn

    The license plate should read “be coerced to choose life.” Not as punchy, but certainly more accurate a message.

  • Nancy Shrew

    That is one ugly design: Politically and aesthetically. Did they get one of their brainwashed preschoolers to draw it in between their weekly woman harassment rallies protests?

    • Nancy Shrew

      *woman harassment rallies protests

    • Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz

      No, I’m sure it was done by an adult. In addition to my hating the anti-choicers on general principle, let me just add that it works my nerve when ANYONE employs that pseudo-children’s style drawing in an attempt to emotionally coerce viewers – to join a cause, buy a product, whatever. This DESIGN should have been an abortion!

  • jillian

    this must be literally taking a page for the book i found at the library “the big ten for little saints.” on the “thou shalt not kill” page it’s not a picture of people in general of all ages, types, walks of life, the world, etc. it’s a picture of a mother and baby.

    the blurb from amazon says: “These simple, yet clear explanations, along with incredible artistry make an indelible mark on young impressionable minds.” yep, that rule, and it’s seemingly one and only context, is incredibly clear.