Notes from a bitch…thank you!

I’m now two weeks into my post-hysterectomy recovery.


My surgery went well. It wasn’t easy, but it went as well as could be expected given the size and location of my uterine fibroids.

My surgical team was made up entirely of women and they kicked major ass! I won’t get into the gory details. Suffice it to say I emerged with a new appreciation for blood donors (I ended up needing five units transfused), nurses and the absence of pain.


I’d like to thank my sisters at Feministing for their encouragement and support.

And I’d like to thank all y’all for your advice and well wishes…you are amazing.

I am forever grateful for my chosen family for being there, just like I knew they would be, when I needed them.

And I am in awe of and so thankful for my sister, who has taken care of everything and everyone throughout this process.

I’ve still got a lot of healing to do, but I’m excited to start getting back into the swing of things.

Thanks to all y’all!

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  • athena27

    I’m so glad you feel comfortable enough to share your experience with your readers. Procedures like yours are often hushed and not spoken about publicly, so it’s great to see this written in a visible, public forum.

    I’m glad you’re doing well and I wish you a speedy recovery.

  • nazza

    Be well. I was holding you in the Light.

  • Kathleen Lewis Greenwood

    All my best wishes for your recovery, and health and support in the future.

    And to echo the comment above, I know how hard the team here work at creating a safe space, and its wonderful to see that they’ve succeeded enough to allow you to share such a personal story with the community.

  • Shannon Drury

    Five units?? Damn, that’s a lot of menstrual-tinis. Glad to hear you’re feeling better.

  • Sally

    Glad to hear the procedure went well! Let’s hope for a very speedy recovery indeed. Sending positive thoughts your way!

  • Sharkfu

    Menstrual-tinis? Classic!

    Thanks y’al!