Even Tea Party voters don’t want reproductive rights attacked

That’s right — in addition to the findings Samhita posted about yesterday on women’s lack of trust for Sarah Palin regarding women’s health, Planned Parenthood’s recent survey also revealed some really important facts about the public’s view on reproductive justice and health. Namely, even GOP and Tea Party voters do not want their reproductive rights impinged on. Some highlights, via RH Reality Check:

  • Seventy one (71) percent of voters are against cutting federal funding for preventive health services at Planned Parenthood health centers around the country (including 60 percent of voters who voted for the Republican candidate for Congress in 2010).
  • Eighty-Eight (88) percent of voters support comprehensive sex education for teens which includes information and training on abstinence as well as birth control and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.  These findings comport with those in earlier surveys.
  • Seventy-five (75) percent of voters support policies to reduce unintended pregnancies through greater access to birth control.
  • Seventy-seven (77) percent of voters disagree with making abortion illegal, including in cases of rape or incest.  Sixty-eight (68) percent of those who voted for the Republican candidate for Congress in 2010 also disagreed.
  • Seventy-four (74) percent of voters disagree with making women who choose to purchase private health insurance with their own money pay higher taxes if that includes abortion coverage (including 71 percent of voters who voted for the Republican candidate for Congress in 2010).

Let’s hope (but not hold our breath) that this makes the newly appointed (and existing) GOP folk in office think twice about attacking  reproductive health. While it’s no news that the majority of population doesn’t want abortion made illegal, confirming that their constituency is largely against this anti-choice platform that the GOP holds so dearly should serve as a big wake-up call.

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