Most American women don’t trust Palin.

Yes, most women have brains and can figure things out, like policy that will ruin their lives. A new poll shows us that most voting women trust Planned Parenthood, over Sarah Palin along with disagreeing with her on abstinence-only education.

via Politico.

The survey, conducted for Planned Parenthood by Democratic pollster Hart Research Associates, found that just 24 percent of registered voters choose Sarah Palin as trustworthy on women’s health issues, versus 54 percent who consider Planned Parenthood trustworthy.

Forty-three percent of all registered voters polled described Palin as “out of step” with their views on the issues; 31 percent say she is in line with their beliefs.

The poll reached 802 voters split evenly across party lines in early November and has a margin of error of 3.5 percent.

The trust question showed a clear problem for Palin among women voters. Researchers asked, “Whom do you trust more to represent your views on women’s health issues?” For all women voters, the tally was 58 percent trusting Planned Parenthood, 22 percent trusting Palin. The trust gap was even starker among independent women: Only 12 percent of that crucial swing demographic trusted Palin more on women’s health.

Does this mean we can dead the calls to include her in the feminist camp?

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