Back to blogging, the 80’s rule and other fun stuff.

Happy Monday folks! I’m back in blogging action after a much needed hiatus to work on my book and deal with some personal matters. And I’m not done yet! I relearned while I hammered away at writing for the last 6 weeks, writing a book takes a lot of focus and patience, two things that can often be hard to come by with the chaos of (my) life. But progress has been made (slowly) and I am happy to get back into the groove of blogging. Bear with me as I delve back into the news cycle and reacquaint myself with this world again. I am feeling bizarrely out of practice!

I want to start Monday with a few thank yous. First, to Janna and Maya for filling in while I was gone. You will continue to see stuff from them, so have no fear! Also, to Vanessa, Courtney and Miriam for doing such an amazing job keeping the site up and running through their superior editorial skills. Also, to my friends Jessica and Nate who have been dealing with our ongoing tech issues. And finally to our amazing list of contributors who have been stepping up and putting up awesome-tastic content. Keeping a blog running is no easy task, so thanks everyone!

Finally, this weekend was the WAM NYC Radical 80’s prom and it sure was fun. I haven’t danced that hard in a while, let alone with some of our favorite feminists in 80’s garb. It was an all round win. Check out pics, music and more at the twitter hashtag #wamprom.

And in honor of the 80’s….

(PS: In NY its snowing outside!)

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