Norwegian company orders employees to wear a red bracelet during their period

red bracelet
The mark of the menses.

Holy shit:

The astonishing demand was revealed in report by a workers’ union into ‘tyrannical’ toilet rules in Norwegian companies. The study claimed businesses were becoming obsessed with lost productivity due to employees spending too much time answering the call of nature.

It found 66 per cent of managers made staff ask them for an electronic key card to gain access to the toilets so they could monitor breaks. Toilets in one in three companies were placed under video-surveillance, while other firms made staff sign a toilet ‘visitors book’, the report by the Parat union said.

It added: ‘But the most extreme action was taken by one manager who made women having their period wear a red bracelet to justify more frequent trips to the loo.

I have no qualms being public about the fact that I have my period, for whatever reason. Wearing a bracelet? Eh, menstruation isn’t that exciting to me. But either way, it’s my decision to make. Just mine. The violation of privacy here is just beyond ridiculous. I’ll say it: It’s ridonkulous. If I were a employee at this company, I would come into work the next day wearing tampon earrings and stick a maxi pad on my forehead. (If you’re going to make me uncomfortable, might as well make everyone else.) Oh, and then sue their asses.

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