Apparently being allowed to live is no longer a human right…

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Check out this article over at The New Civil Rights Movement.

That’s right folks. Apparently the UN thinks that LGBT people should continue to face arbitrary executions. As absolutely terrifying and saddening as this is, I find certain aspects of the article problematic as well.
“Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people were once again subject to the whims of homophobia and religious and cultural extremism this week…a vote that was overwhelming represented by a majority of African, Middle East and Carribean nations.”

“Cultural extremism” doesn’t come across well to me. Even the name of the site sort of sits awkwardly with me. I feel like the  “old” Civil Rights Movement is still happening, and you can’t claim a new movement especially if you’re going to bring up trite racial/cultural analysis of cross-cultural issues. I mean perhaps the vote was overwhelmingly represented by specific countries, by we have to move away from this fear-mongering mindset. Homophobia and heterosexism exists in ALL cultures, whether it’s colloquial or government-sanctioned. Where were the non-“extremist” cultures to stop the vote?
Not being murdered is a human right, and one that must be assessed in all cultures, countries, states, & religions. Officials, in fact everyone, cannot keep simply “expressing disappointment” when things like this happen. What are we DOING to change this pervasive mentality in our own communities?

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