Bristol Palin, Dancing With the Stars and Gunfire?

Bristol Palin

Apparently, I’m not the only one that was angry at Dancing With The Stars last night. It was the results show which decides who goes to the next week’s season finale, and Bristol Palin beat out top-scoring Brandy for the coveted third spot.

No matter how much I prepared myself for that to happen (I’ve watched enough of these competition shows to know how it works), I was still heated! I cussed a lot, swore I would boycott ABC, and immediately changed the channel. But my diatribe is nothing compared to Wisconsin resident, Steve Cowan’s reaction. He grabbed his shotgun, pointed it at his wife and then shot his television set. His wife called the police leading to a 15-hour standoff with a SWAT team. Cowan has been charged with second-degree reckless endangerment and could face up to ten years in prison.

This is the first season that I’ve ever watched Dancing With The Stars. I am one of the suckers who got drawn in by the allure of watching “The Situation” and Bristol Palin do cheesy ballroom dances to corny remakes of contemporary songs. I admit I wanted to see them make fools of themselves, and they did not disappoint.

Once “The Situation” left, my enjoyment of the show took a dive but I did stick around to watch Bristol’s awkward dancing and to yell at the TV every time they introduce her as a “teen activist.” I’ve also created a soap opera narrative where her partner, Mark will waltz her away from Mama Palin’s craziness into a apolitical world of shiny beaded ball gowns and samba. (A girl can dream.)

The interwebs have buzzed about a supposed conspiracy to have Bristol win the season. I’m a conspiracy theorist so I wouldn’t be surprised but really who would benefit from Bristol winning this dance contest besides her media-obsessed mama? Are these Tea Partiers still hype from midterm elections and want to transfer their collective voting power to sway reality TV contests? I guess I’d rather them do that than vote so heavily in real elections. I have my own thoughts about ABC’s (right wing) political leanings but all I will say is that the show has twice featured Palin going back home to her mama and her son, Tripp, to show off her “dance moves” giving Sarah more air time. *puke*

It’s infuriating to watch. Really. I understand Mr. Cowan’s frustration at the results. I’m annoyed. I’m sad for Brandy too…she worked really hard and clearly wanted to win. It’s unfair. But pointing a gun at your wife (or anyone for that matter)…not at all acceptable. Ever.

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