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President Obama is meeting with Democrats today to discuss the DREAM Act. In the meantime, the media still inaccurately uses the i-word.

We’re number 19! We’re number 19! The World Economic Forum just released its Global Gender Gap report.

Speaking of gender gaps, The Center for American Progress Action Center released a report (including an interactive map) on the gender pay gap, state by state, showing us how much women actually lose in wages in each state over a 40-year period. And it ain’t pretty.

Looks like young boys (or their parents, I should say) are now joining the pageant bandwagon in increasing numbers.

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  • http://feministing.com/members/kaelin/ Matt

    The US isn’t at the top, but it’s nowhere near the bottom of even the developed nations. It is not disappointing in of itself to be four positions behind the UK, two behind the Netherlands, one ahead of Canada, and four ahead of Australia. We are significantly ahead of France (#49), Greece (#58), and Italy (#74). #19 is a fairly unremarkable rank, and it would serve us better to look at the 0.7411 score and see we’re about 0.2589 away from where we want to be. Even Iceland (#1) is still 0.1504 away.

    I doubt boys are being brought into pageants in droves, but it is sad whenever parents enroll their kids in events concerned with appearances rather than developing practical skills or the kids having fun.