Late Intro from Another SAFER Blogger!

Hello everyone! I am going to be one of the Feministing Campus bloggers and in honored to have this opportunity. Life circumstances made my premiere a bit delayed, but I am glad to finally be here.

I am one of Sarah’s co-board members at SAFER; I do a lot of work for the org that involves meeting & working with student activists across the country, which has been an amazing opportunity. I actually first got involved with campus activism when SAFER came to Tufts University when I was a student there. After they came for an organizer training a few friends and I started our own student group on campus to change the sexual assault policy at Tufts. I only was able to be directly involved for one semester, but a few months later I applied and was brought on board to be a board member for the national SAFER!

Apart from volunteering for SAFER, I do some campus activism through writing for and maintaining the website Tufts University Survivors, highlighting firsthand accounts of people who were let down by the sexual assault policy & experiences of people working on campus to change policy. You will also sometimes see me at the Third Wave Foundation blog and  the Fuck Yeah, Feminists tumblr.

Here I hope to write about conversations surrounding issues of gender-based violence and college campuses. I like to take a look at recent events and the issues that arise. Since my position at SAFER (I do trainings at schools and run the student mentoring program) and history at Tufts gives me a lot of opportunities to hear firsthand accounts of feminist activists at school, I hope to share accounts of what students are doing on the ground today.

I look forward to writing here and engaging in some great dialogue with Feministing Campus readers!

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