Rush Limbaugh responds to Name It, Change It by proving its point.

Rush Limbaugh
Don’t quit your day job, Rush. No, seriously. You help our cause.

This is a couple of days old, but I found it too good to not cover. On his radio talk show on Friday, Rush Limbaugh responded to the campaign that fights sexism and misogyny in the media, Name It, Change It, by being a sexist and misogynist asshole in the media:

On his November 5 radio show, Rush Limbaugh refuted our accusations of sexism – by calling us “NAGs” and “feminazis.”

Love it. It almost merits a Thank You Thursday to Rush Limbaugh for being such a stellar example of sexism and women-hating in the media. (But I wouldn’t go that far.) Keep it up, Rush!

Pic via AP.

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