Join NOW-NYC in rallying to get officials to take rape seriously


NOW-NYC and anti-violence advocates from across the city are joining forces to ask Justice Cassandra Mullen to give confessed rapist, Tony Simmons, a sentence with jail time.  Recently, the Manhattan Supreme Court Justice proposed a sentence of ten years probation with absolutely no jail time for this court-appointed juvenile counselor who pled guilty to raping one girl and sexually assaulting two others.

If Simmons, who admitted to sexually assaulting three teen girls, can get off without any jail time, what does that mean for women victims of rape across the city?  We need to send a message to Justice Mullen, law enforcement, our leaders, and our community to Take Rape Seriously!

If you’re in the NYC-area, obviously you can join in person at Centre Street at 12:30pm. Details here.

If you’re not in the NYC-area, you can still help out by signing the petition and spreading the word via Facebook and Twitter to get others to support this effort as well.

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