Former President George W. Bush on tour and unfiltered

George W. Bush in suit talking

Last week, former President George W. Bush started giving interviews in anticipation of his memoir, Decision Points, which will  be released tomorrow. So far, he’s said some pretty incredible things. A few highlights from his tour so far:

  • W says he has no regrets about using waterboarding as a form of torture to retrieve information from suspects in the 9/11 bombing.
  • He’s been touting a new tale of the formation of his pro-life beliefs, this one involving a fetus in a jar. You can’t make this stuff up. And remember, his wife Laura admitted in her book tour earlier this year that she’s pro-choice.
  • He’s calling himself a “dissenting voice” in the decision to go to war with Iraq.
  • Bush admits that he almost removed Dick Cheney from the 2004 ticket, as a way to prove that he was in charge.
  • He admits that Kanye West’s comment that Bush didn’t care about black people in the aftermath of Katrina was a low-point of his presidency, and Kanye responds by saying he connects with George W.

Finally, some parting words from George: “Whatever the verdict on my presidency, I’m comfortable with the fact that I won’t be around to hear it,” he writes. “That’s a decision point only history will reach.”

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