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Just something adorable to lighten the load this Friday. (h/t Ethan)

This is a couple of days old but worth reading: Amanda Marcotte on “the curse of the Mama Grizzly.”

On the reconstruction of The Women’s Garden in Kabul, Afghanistan.

More than one-third of American women soldiers are raped.

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    If you’re in a need of a good video, then if you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend Tret, the parkour dog from Ukraine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXElh_VM0Uc

    One characteristic relevant about military rape is that if the number of women enlisted were to increase fivefold, you would probably not see a large increase in the total number of rapes committed since the number of perpetrators would not increase much (there may be some more “opportunity,” but not a fivefold increase), which would dramatically decrease the *proportion* of enlisted women who are raped simply by spreading out the burden. It may even be possible not just for the proportion to go down, but for the raw number of rape to decline simply by normalizing women in the military. But there is a partial Catch-22 — if you want women to make up a larger proportion of the military, we require the military to be safer for women than it is right now. In the end, we still need a philosophy shift in the military that will guard against rape — but when we do see more women enlist, their increased presence and normalcy will make each woman who serves safer still.