Sons of Anarchy Pokes Fun at Sarah Palin

I’ve never watched the TV series Sons of Anarchy and had to rely on good ol’ Wikipedia to find out that it’s a fictional show about a motorcycle club in California of the same name. It appeared on my radar yesterday via Twitter after seeing numerous anti-choice users getting salty about the show’s coverage of abortion. What got their blood boiling was that the porn star character, Lyla, goes to an abortion clinic to have the procedure and gives the nurse an alias: Sarah Palin. Bwhahahahahaha!

What’s interesting is that I’ve only seen this covered on anti-choice blogs…and they are pissed! It’s more fodder for their “Hollywood is so liberal” rhetoric and claims that us libs are so insensitive. Really, tho?

You know what’s insensitive? The horrific ads from DC Congressional Candidate Missy Reilly Smith which feature dismembered fetuses and other imagery so egregious that it got banned from Youtube. I saw the clips and just thinking about it makes me shudder. Those graphic images are aired on local DC network television during the day when children are watching because the FCC legally cannot censor or reject the ads. In contrast, Sons of Anarchy airs on FX, a cable channel, at 10 at night. And from my understanding, there are no bloody fetal body parts that are central to the show’s plot whether or not they are discussing abortion.

I don’t know how the entire episode covered abortion but this one-minute clip is more progressive than many TV shows. Most TV shows won’t even present abortion as a viable option and if they do, it’s usually stigmatized and quickly discarded in favor of adoption or keeping the unintended pregnancy. Friday Night Lights was one of the few examples of programming that has dared to address the spectrum of emotions that accompany a woman’s decision.

The double standards of the anti-choice community continue to boggle my mind. I would be angry if it wasn’t so predictable, pathetic and almost laughable. But really, I’d rather these fools write angry blog posts blaming liberal Hollywood than taking their ire violently to the streets.

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  • RedRightAnkle

    Oh man I love this show, and I’ve been dying to find someone that reviews/recaps it from a feminist/anti-racist perspective because there is sooooo much going on.

    The abortion storyline has been building for awhile, though very subtly. The brunette, Tara, is also pregnant, by the main character Jax. They’ve been having relationship issues and broke up a couple episodes ago (there’s also waaaay more going on for why she doesn’t want a kid right now, but then I’d have to start giving you a plot-blow-by-blow.) Anyway she’d been trying to decide what to do about it, when the blonde came to her asking if she knew a local abortion clinic and after hearing her reasons for seeking one and seeing how okay with it she is she’s now getting an appointment for one herself.

    The best part IMO is a) the blonde is already a mother, and wants to be one again, which deviats from the stereotype of women getting abortions because they hate children/don’t want children. And b) when Tara asks her if she’s sure she wants to go through with this, she tells her that she loves her boyfriend and totally wants to have kids with him, just not right now. She doesn’t agonize over it or cry; she just knows its the right decision for her right now. I have literally never seen abortion dealt with so matter-of-factly on TV and it’s awesome.

    I just hope they don’t ruin it by turning it into some Big Secret that later gets revealed to their respective exs/boyfriends and is in anyway used to shame them or browbeat them. I will lose my shit if that happens, but yeah, right now, and especially for a show that’s not exactly light on the sexism, I am beyond pleased.

  • Jeremy Patterson

    About the graphic images.. they are pretty grusome.. once a year they put those images up at my college, and it really freaks me out. I know what their goal is.. they are trying to ilustrate that is sure looks like a baby inside there. *shrug* Can’t blame somebody for trying to save a life. Even if you and I don’t think it’s a life, they do. I have to give them credit for trying to fight for what they see is right.

    Ire in blog posts: Hmm.. As opposed to this post here? I can taste your hatred over the internet. You blatently use the term “Anti-Choice”, and whip the ‘double-standard’ card out… but you cite no references. I can name plenty of movies that solve the problem of the baby through an abortion. Coach Carter for instance. There are holes in your tirade that anyone could drive a truck through. Try to taste the grass on both sides of the fence before you tell everyone who’s not eating the left grass that they are stupid and uninformed.