Yesterday in Feminist History: Happy Birthday Hillary

Hillary Clinton, smiling in suit

Yesterday was the 63rd birthday of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Clinton has been one of the most prominent women in politics in recent memory, with her Democratic bid for the Presidency most recently bringing her to the forefront of media attention. (And often negative sexist attention, as we might remember).

Now she’s working away in the State Department, arguably in a position that has allowed her more freedom to pursue her agenda (such as advancing the rights of folks in the LGBTQ community) than the Presidency would have allowed. She’s out of the spotlight, and most of the time doesn’t need an act of Congress to approve her changes. I’m not expert on foreign policy, so I can’t comment too much on what else she’s done in her role.

But it’s clear that Clinton has made a mark on feminist history.

Happy Belated Birthday Hillary!

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  • megan spencer

    hillary clinton is a war monger. regardless of how she has worked for certain women’s advancement in the US, she is responsible for the destruction of lives and livelihoods across the world. from pakistan to palestine. let us remember that too.

  • Dom

    I have to agree with megan, since Clinton was a hawk when she was up against Obama. She was on record as wanting to stay in Iraq, as well as Afghanistan, wasn’t she? This said, the story of how Clinton became Secretary of State says more about Obama and his policies of consensus-seeking than it may say about Clinton herself. Whatever you may say about Obama falling short of his promises and policies, and living up to the Democrat ideal, he was big enough to take his bitter rival from the Democratic leadership race and give her a prominent role in his administration.