Some Feminist “Props” for Jessica from the ASA

This Article was recently published by the American Sociological Association (ASA). I listened to this discussion at the Pacific Sociological Association (PSA) in 2009. Kudos to Jessica, they give her props right off the bat. I think they should go a step further and just say she is awesome

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  • Anna J

    I agree! I registered for this site after reading the Purity Myth recently. It was the first book in quite a while that made feminism interesting/productive for me. In my experience, talking about the “purity myth” (as Jessica presents it in the book) is a great way to start a feminist discussion with others, especially those who may not usually be on board (whether they think feminism is stupid, over, or simply don’t think much). We’re all being screwed by the embarrassing state of sex education in this country and the antiquated gender norms (and all of the racial, ethnic, religious, classist, etc. norms that intersect with these norms) that this education upholds — this seems to be something that almost everyone can agree upon. I think Jessica offers a lot of really useful avenues for making the argument that if you can agree upon this common ground (sex education sucks), then feminism matters, not just in general, but FOR YOU.

    All of this was a verbose way of saying, as you put it, “Jennifer is just awesome.”