Breastfeeding: It Does a Body Good (as in, makes it look better)

It looks like the New York State Department of Health is trying to encourage breastfeeding (yay!) by telling women they’ll totally lose sooo much weight if they do! (Huh?)

Interesting how they succeed in mocking your run-of-the-mill diet commercial while still managing to say, as Sociological Images aptly put it: “[D]on’t ever forget, ladies: one of your main responsibilities as a new mom is to lose the weight as quickly as possible.”

Transcript after jump.

I’m 4o pounds thinner! Yup, these were my pants! And now I’m down to a size 8 again. I didn’t starve myself and I didn’t go on a fad diet. So what helped me get back to my target weight? I breastfed my baby!

Breastfeeding bruns up to 500 calories a day. That’s like 2 hours of aerobic exercise. So while it’s good for your baby, breastfeeding is also great for your body. Breastfeeding: For my baby, for me.

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