Quick Hit: Another Contest for Women Writers ISO Funding

In the interest of continuing the conversation about how women writers can monetize their writing, I wanted to pass along another contest. Via the website of Narrative:

We are looking for works with a strong narrative drive, with characters we can respond to as human beings, and with effects of language, situation, and insight that are intense and total. We look for works that have the ambition of enlarging our view of ourselves and the world.

Awards: First Prize is $3,250, Second Prize is $1,500, Third Prize is $750, and ten finalists will receive $100 each. All entries will be considered for publication.

This contest is for fiction and non-fiction writers and the deadline is November 30, 2010. So you have got plenty of time. Happy submissions and feel free to use this as a thread to discuss what you are applying for that will enable you to have the kind of writing time that lends itself to thorough revisions, thought processes and great ideas.

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