An Farewell to One of the First


Miriam mentioned on Friday that Bitch Ph.D. is closing up shop, but I wanted to give a formal farewell post to this bad-ass blog of bitchery that has been one of the oldest blogs out there contributing to the online feminist conversation — it was certainly one of the only few I read when Jessica and I started Feministing back in 2004. The pissiness, wit and intellect that Bitch offered left it easy to understand why grew to be one of the most well-respected and admired feminist blogs out there, and the Feministing crew is very sad to see it go.

So from one old feminist blog to another, the best of luck to all of the folks over at Bitch Ph.D. — we hope to see what kind of shenanigans y’all stir up in future endeavors moving forward. Bitch Ph.D. will be sorely missed.

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