People UNITE!

Hello Feministing!  I just wanted to let you all know about a really cool campaign that students from the Office of LGBT Student Services at NYU (where I am the new graduate assistant!) are launching.   In response to the recent (recent only in the sense that the media finally gave the issue attention) queer-related suicides as well as the incredibly disturbing amount of queer-related violence,  students at NYU decided it was time for real, tangible action.  I started a very similar project during my undergrad at Ramapo College, but given the current climate for not only LGBTQ individuals, but all people in search of safe and affirming communities,  now is the perfect time to truly unite! We love the “It Gets Better” project, but we want to take the responsibility of making change into our own hands.  Even if you don’t go to NYU, you can take this list and make it your own.  Make it your profile picture and tag all of your friends!  As you begin to accomplish all the different tasks, visit our blog page at and send us pictures and reflections.  Let us know if you made a difference in your community!

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