Rosie Perez is so bad-ass.

I know Samhita mentioned Perez’s contribution on marriage equality in New York, but I just had to share the actual video — not only because she is a fellow New Yorker like myself, but she calls out Senator Ruben Diaz (who is also severely anti-choice). She also called abstinence-only education as “insane” back in our Bush days. Love.

Can you also guess my new favorite line is?

Transcript forthcoming.

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  • jillian

    as a midwestern i have to say, go iowa. i know the two coasts tend to think theyre the shit and the harbingers of everything good and hip and whatever and all those square states in the middle are filled with nothing but rubes, but yeah. midwest pride. been to new york, been to california, not all that impressed.

    • Jessica “Jess” Victoria Carillo

      Ooohhh, I agree with you on Iowa’s grooviness. But California is awesome! Whooooo!!!!!!!!
      But Rosie Perez is so badass and what’s with “Blue” States outlawing same-sex marriage? Crazy.