Austin-based Womanzine zings me in the lady heart

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I don’t know how I slept on this publication for so long, but thank goodness I’ve woken the f up. Womanzine, put together by some Austin-based badasses, is chock-full of hilarious commentary, stunning, original visuals (photographs, comics, and drawings), and good old fashioned advice, like basic palm reading (who doesn’t need that?). Download their latest edition, “Body Parts,” for a guide to navigating the nastiness that is Chatroulette, called “How to lose a guy’s boner in 10 seconds,” and a fashion call-to-action that starts with “Newsflash: fat is not a feeling!” There’s even an original poem written collaboratively by idiots whom our very own Ann Friedman has had the misfortune of running into (hint: they like to make inane comments about her height).

Thanks to Wyatt for the heads up.

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