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Bad-ass women in fake beards

TweetLast week I was on vacation in France, and in the window of a bar in the Parisian neighborhood of the Marais, I saw this poster. Curious, I went to the website and I was thrilled to discover La Barbe (“the beard”), a French feminist activist group that aims to raise awareness about the lack [...]
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Following up on Sydney Uni’s ‘pro-rape’ Facebook group

TweetLast November I wrote about  a “pro-rape and anti-consent” Facebook group that was created by some members of St. Paul’s College, an all-boys residential college at the University of Sydney. When the existence group, which was called “Define Statutory,” received press attention, rape culture at Australian universities generally and at residential colleges more specifically came [...]
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What We Missed.

Tweet One of Eddie Long’s accusers, Jamal Parris speaks out. More on the wealth gap. It is worse than we think. Malcolm Gladwell on social media and activism. I want to write a longer response but my brain is zapped for the day. The immigration bill will be including LGBT families. Pam Spaulding on LBGT [...]
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Let’s leave my momma out of this.

TweetIn response to Susan Faludi’s recent Harper’s article, we at Feministing are doing a go around of feedback from different folks. This is my reaction to the piece, you can read Courtney’s and Miriam’s as well. When I hear people use phrases like “women’s movement,” I get all confused, because both through academic training and [...]
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“Brûlez vos soutiens-gorge.” It’s French for “beauty culture sucks.”

TweetI was in Paris last week and against my better judgment, I went into the enormous Sephora on the Champs Elysées. It is huge, and overwhelming, and I’m convinced that after just a few minutes inside, my brain was totally addled by the smell of perfume. But I’m pretty sure that, Dior-deranged or not, I [...]
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