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Another gay teenager takes his own life after being bullied at his middle school. Rest in peace Asher.

Have you taken action yet to keep Washington from banning abortion coverage for folks with pre-exisiting conditions?

Despite efforts by the GOP to woe woo Latino voters, it isn’t working. Shocking that being anti-immigrant doesn’t win over a primarily immigrant group.

A transgender teen was voted Homecoming King by his classmates and then the school revoked the title because he’s was still enrolled in school as female. WTF?

An Ontario court struck down a Canadian law criminalizing sex work because of the risk those laws pose to sex workers and their safety.

The HIV rate for gay men in the United States is 20%, or one in every five gay men.

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  • http://feministing.com/members/neohfem1/ Amy Hanna

    I think you meant to type “woo”. But yes, the GOP is full of “woe”.

  • http://feministing.com/members/toongrrl/ Jessica “Jess” Victoria Carillo

    Oh, speaking of that, what’s with all the “Meg in 2010″ banners on this website? I’m pretty sure that ya’ll don’t support Ms. Whitman, but it’s even crazier than those weight loss ads a long time ago.

  • http://feministing.com/members/ramona619/ Ramona Rodriguez-Brooks

    “primarily immigrant group”? Some people crossed the border, for others the border crossed them.

    just had to say that.