What We Missed

This weekend is the amazing Facing Race conference, hosted by the folks who produce ColorLines. I’m very sad I’m not there. Follow along with what’s happening in Chicago here.

Steven Colbert testified before Congress about immigration. Sometimes, when things just suck a lot, we need to laugh. Thanks Colbert.

When you didn’t think the Texas Board of Education could get any worse, TPM reports they sent a warning to text book makers: “scrub their books of “gross pro-Islamic, anti-Christian” bias.” What is this, Farenheit 451?

Tomorrow is National Public Lands Day.

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  • http://feministing.com/members/kaelin/ Matt

    Regarding the Texas Board of Education, I think it has to be a positive sign that it’s gone from making anti-science curriculum changes by 9 – 5 votes to just making anti-Muslim resolutions (they haven’t actually analyzed their own textbooks because they’re prohibited from doing so, and the particular complaint came from a not-impartial parent) by 7 – 6 votes. It’s still a majority, but at least one of those members should probably tip over when it comes to approving actual books and not finding that such a religious bias exists (or at least not in the direction that was expected!)

    I’ll be voting for Rebecca Bell-Metereau over Ron Mercer, and I will encourage anyone who brings up the elections to do the same. Hopefully enough voters in my area will be sensible enough to vote for someone other than Mercer.

  • http://feministing.com/members/jillian/ jillian

    re: texas Bo’E. every time i think how much more financial breathing room we would have if we werent paying tuition (and next year, when my littlest starts school. oy. dont want to think that far ahead), i read stories like this and say thank gourd our kids arent going to public schools. they still go to a christian-based school, but at least they actively say they “accept people of all faiths – or no faith” and they dont use standardised text books.