Stop labeling women as “psychos”!!!

I’ve been waiting for the new website layout to be completed so that I could post this long-awaited topic. It’s something that has been driving me nuts lately (no pun intended), it’s time that it was addressed and discussed, and I’m wondering if anyone else out there has dealt with this same stupid issue.

Frankly, I’m tired of myself and women in general being labeled as “psycho” or “crazy” by men whenever we get upset about something or voice our opinion on something. In my own experiences, I can’t really do or say ANYTHING without being labeled as “crazy” by the men-folk. I’ll give you some examples: I’ve had a few men cheat on me, lie to me repeatedly, or do other unbecoming things that have hurt me in some way. And I cannot feel upset about these things and call them out on their behavior without being labeled as “psycho”. Now I’m not saying that I go overboard by doing things such as hitting them or damaging their property or causing a scene in front of other people. I simply raise my voice to them and let them know in clear terms that what they did was disgusting and wrong. And apparently that alone is enough to earn me the label of “psycho”.

Here’s another common example I’ve often encountered. Back in my college history and political classes, I often freely spoke up during class discussions and voiced my thoughts and ideas. I wasn’t one of those girls who quietly sat through class never saying a word; I was there to participate and learn. Once again, just me speaking up in class and expressing my ideas and theories made me a “psycho”…especially if my words disagreed with those of a boy or if I proved one of their ways of thinking wrong. They were allowed to speak freely–even if they didn’t know what they were talking about–but a girl who spoke her mind in class was a “psycho”. I get the same label whenever I post Facebook status updates about anything political or having to do with feminist issues.

Here’s yet another example: Like many other women, I have been subjected to unwanted sexual harassment. I’ve been cat-called, groped at public events, and had dirty comments made towards me. Being the spitfire that I am, I don’t put up with such harassment and I certainly don’t ignore it. I tell them to shove it straight up their asses, plain and simple. I stand up for myself and my dignity. And standing up for myself against unwarranted harassment from males is also grounds for being labeled as “psycho”.

So…because I call men to the carpet for their bad behavior, speak my mind on issues and engage in debate, and stand up for myself when subjected to unwanted harassment, I am a stark-raving, unstable psychopath that everyone should steer clear of. That is the label that I have put upon me by men time and time again for doing the very things I have described above. I have never physically harmed anyone, threatened anyone, or done anything serious that would truly warrant such a label. Yet I and countless other females are labeled as “psychos” everyday by men for the pettiest of reasons. I don’t get it…men can rape us, beat us up, scream at us, stalk us, murder us, and call us filthy names, yet they are never labeled as “psychos”. God forbid a woman ever sticks up for herself or lets a man know that he’s a nasty pig or gets too passionate about a subject lest we be labeled as crazy!! And we all know that women being labeled as “hysterical”, “emotionally fragile”, and “crazy” is nothing new; it’s been happening for centuries. Well it needs to stop NOW. Men, get a clue and realize that being a woman and being outspoken and standing up for ourselves does NOT make us “crazy”.

Disclaimer: This post was written by a Feministing Community user and does not necessarily reflect the views of any Feministing columnist, editor, or executive director.

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