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As you can see the site is still up and down, but we seem to be pretty steadily up at this point. Thanks for being so patient with us, as we have tried to solve the largest tech nightmare I have ever been faced with! Special thanks to my friends Jessica Yazbek and Nate Bennett who have been working tirelessly around the clock to get the site back to working order.

In other news…

Senate Republicans blocked the repeal of DADT.

If you ain’t seen it yet, watch Al D’Amato race check these folks on Fox Business.

Newsweek on “Re-imagining Masculinity.”

Our proposed panel was one of the first ones picked for SXSW this year. Very exciting to have a panel of four women, three of us women of color part of such an important conference on the future of online technology. Thanks to everyone that voted for us!

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  • http://feministing.com/members/reni/ Reni

    I saw that clip on the USPS a few days ago and was appalled by most of the panel. The racist bullshit coming from that one man is horrific and was so glad to see him called out on it. What also struck me was the total elitist tripe coming from the rest of the panel. I find it ironic that conservative rhetoric so often invokes the whole notion of “liberal elitism” and here we have a panelist talk about how she can “use her phone to take a photo of a check and send it to the bank.” So, because this woman is in a position of privilege to have such a luxury, the postal service is irrelevant. Gross. I found so many things wrong within that 6 minute clip, I could go on and on……. *sigh*

  • http://feministing.com/members/catt/ Cathy Brown

    What right does the government have to run the post office? Really? Has no one at FOX ever seen a copy of the Constitution? (Who am I kidding?) Article 1, Section 8, Clause 8 explicitly grants Congress the power to ‘establish Post Offices and post Roads’. Their authority is the Constitution of the US. Come on, people, it is an explicitly enumerated power under the Consitution, Congress can’t get better legal authority to run a public agency than that.

    Though it was nice to see someone call out that kind of crap on FOX for once, I suspect that D’Amato won’t be welcome back.

  • http://feministing.com/members/mighty-ponygirl/ Mighty Ponygirl

    OMG that video was infuriating! And while the Senator’s smackdown was on the righteous side, I would have gone a step further and pointed out little miss “I haven’t been inside a post office in five years because I’m just so awesome and I can deposit a check by taking a picture of it with my phone and emailing it to my bank” that a POST OFFICE TELLER is not the same thing as a BANK TELLER. NO one I know has ever mailed a fucking check to their bank in order to deposit it. They tend to go to the bank for that. But there are a lot of people I know who don’t have cell phones, who don’t have internet service, and who have to pay their bills with a stamp and an envelope, and they’re pretty uniformly poor and minority and Fox Business isn’t chomping at the bit to have them on to talk about how paying $9 for FedEx to deliver every bill payment might not be their favorite way of doing things.

    And furthermore, how would this affect business? No matter what Fox News would have you believe, a lot of businesses still send out paper invoices, fliers, etc. If they went from having to pay 44c (or bulk/magazine rate) to paying over $10 to send out a $25 invoice, they wouldn’t be able to afford to send out bills. More than that, the post office guarantees delivery to every location in America whereas FedEx and UPS do not.

    While writing this post, I went to the FedEx site and checked to see how much it would be to send a 1-oz envelope from my little town in the Northeast to my hometown in the midwest. The cheapest price they quoted me was $14.

    Yeah, when I’m sending mom that check to pay back a loan, I think I’ll go with the one that’s less than half a dollar.

    Furthermore, for all of Sparky von Racist’s blathering about the unskilled labor in the post office, it is a well-known fact that employing people in the post office is one of the best ways to rehabilitate people with mental and emotional disorders (no, most of these people are not tellers, despite what he’d like to rant about). So if you have someone with functioning autism, or who has managed to get a pretty serious mental illness under control with medication, you have a choice: that person can either sit around all day being of no use to anyone and drawing social security because no private company would hire them, or they can actually go and earn a living for themselves at the post office. If the government is going to pay for those individuals one way or the other, why are Republicans so excited to make sure these people are paid for sitting around doing nothing instead of practicing gainful employment?

    Finally, I have lived in a lot of different towns with a lot of different post offices and I *have* set foot inside of post offices in the last five years and I can assure the commentators at Fox News in their post-office-less, “watch me take a picture of my cell phone oops I just sent the bank a photo of my two-year-old with a bowl of spaghetti-os on his head TEE HEE THEY’LL THINK THAT’S CUTE” assholes that in big cities and small towns the post offices I have been to have all been quite efficient and if I’m spending more than 5-10 minutes in line it’s because of the customers not having their shit together, not the tellers.