Harry Reid: Gillibrand “hottest” member of Senate

Me? Sexist? Never!

Yes, really:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had an unusual form of praise for New York’s junior senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, this morning at the fundraiser Mayor Bloomberg hosted for him at his townhouse – referring to her as “the hottest member” as she sat just a few feet away, according to three sources.

…[Reid said] something about how “many senators are known for many things,” according to a source. He added, “We in the Senate refer to Sen. Gillibrand as the hottest member.”

The comment prompted Gillibrand to turn red, according to the sources, and created a bit of stir among the small crowd there.

“It was pretty shocking when he said it,” said one source familiar with the remark and the reaction.

A Reid spokesman confirmed it happened, but also noted that the Democratic Majority Leader also praised Gillibrand for her work.

Gross. Like Melissa says, of course as long as her work is commended in addition to her “hotness,” publicly objectifying her is A-OK!

Not. Amused.

Via Shakes.

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