What We Missed: A ton of shit.

As you may have noticed, Feministing was down for a couple of days this week due to longstanding tech problems that we’re continuing to resolve — hopefully things will be fixed for good very soon. In the meantime, we missed a ton of big news happening this week, so let’s play catch-up:

You MUST watch this fantastic segment on Rachel Maddow about all the anti-choice GOP women running, featuring a discussion on the issue with our crush, Melissa Harris-Lacewell.

Three women from Goldman Sachs are suing the corporation for discrimination, as well as a sexual assault case after a work ”outing” at a strip club. Tracy at Broadsheet tackles the issue of the usage of topless bars in corporate culture.

The French Senate has approved the Burqa ban.

Check out Amanda Hess’ coverage of the Senate Judiciary hearing on the under-reporting and failure to investigate rape in the U.S.

Two transgender women were found murdered in Puerto Rico on Monday, and another woman was murdered in Newark New Jersey on Sunday.

Lady Gaga brought four military servicemembers affected by Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell to the MTV Music Awards.

The New York Times reviews Feministing buddy Rebecca Traister’s new book, Big Girls Don\’t Cry: The Election That Changed Everything for American Women.

After Jets players harassed female news reporter Ines Sainz, victim-blaming ensues that she shouldn’t have went into the locker room in the first place. Jessica Wakeman weighs in.

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