New film released on the “rise” of conservative women

That’s right. A new film titled, Fire From the Heartland: The Reawakening of the Conservative Women, has been released documenting the rise of conservative women, and BOY does it look interesting (*yawn*).

Well, the only two interesting parts of the trailer is when:

  • As Jezebel notes, when the trailer cuts to Lady Gaga and the Sex and the City ladies as Ann Coulter talks about culture taking away our femininity and morality away. Nice.
  • The grizzly bear shot. Roaaar!

Otherwise, looks like it’ll be the same old bullshit that women conservatives like Phyllis Schlafly (starred, of course) has been spewing for years. Now, this isn’t to make light of Sarah Palin and others’ co-opting of feminist language as well as the influence that the new mama grizzly movement is having (cough, O’Donnell, cough). But the rhetoric around the power of motherhood, femininity and family values as women’s strengths to be protected from the sex-crazed, gay, abortion-happy liberals has been preached for decades by conservative women; it’s only now that it’s being mainstreamed by the likes of high profile folks like Palin.

Transcript forthcoming.

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