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A WMC exclusive, “Generation Misunderstood,” from Courtney about her new book, Do it Anyway that you can get today.

A church is burning Qurans in “honor” of September 11th, even though the US government has said this could hurt the troops.

On sex selection clinics in the South Asian communities.

Saudi women on male guardianship.

Women running for Parliament in Afghanistan targeted.

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  • http://feministing.com/members/kaelin/ Matt

    1) Ageism is a nasty thing, and it’s good to see attention drawn to young people doing good work (and I don’t mean the token 10-year-old’s human interest story that pops up every few weeks).

    2) Consequences aside (while ironic, they aren’t necessarily grounds to prevent speech), burning the Quran just puts those people closer to the same level as the people they protest. Of course, it’s already a bit much when “Jones said Muslims are welcomed in the United States, if they observe the Constitution and don’t try to impose Sharia law, or Muslim law” when so many US Christians are eager to impose “Christian law” on the masses.

    3) Similarly, my parents were hopeful they would get one boy and one girl. “Lucky” for them, they got their wish. Still, whether a family prefers a boy, a girl, or “balance,” there is something to be said for parents being obsessed with gender. While I am unhappy this practice occurs with families where there are practical financial concerns, I am a bit more bothered when these selections are a matter of parental choice — if parents are willing to go through these measures to control the genders of their kids, what else will those parents want to control as their children grow up?

    4) I don’t know if there can be any real progress here until the oil-driven prosperity of Saudi Arabia dries-up, because the status quo benefits an awful amount of people right now, and the US is too dependent on S.A. to actually take a credible stance. I wonder how people can best empower women over there.