Mad Men Midweek Friday Fix: Waldorf Stories


I know, I know; our Mad Men Midweek Fix is late again, but considering everyone is scrambling at work before the long weekend, could you blame us? If you don’t know, during the fourth season of Mad Men, Feministing bloggers will offer some of our thoughts on feminist moments, scenes, and themes in the new episodes in order to start a discussion about these topics in our community. *WARNING: Lots of spoilers follow.

The new Salvatore (Art Director) and his obsession with nudity

I loved Peggy’s line to him about Playboy: that he’s staring at women who can’t stare back. -Ann

Peggy & the new Art Director’s power struggle; their nude work session

Did anyone else get the sense that Peggy kind of wanted to bone him? I think that the show has set up this really interesting dichotomy with her and Joan — they represent the two opposite stereotypes that women could fit into: all brains no beauty, or all beauty no brains. Even though they are both beautiful AND brainy, in the eyes of the Sterling Cooper partners, Joan is the face and Peggy is the brains. Peggy is jealous that Joan gets to go to events (like the Clios) and meet with clients. Joan is smart as hell but has to put up with constant commentary about her body. The scene in the hotel room with the new art director shows that, even when men in the office are attracted to Peggy, they can’t remove her from that “brainy” box and see her as beautiful, too. We’ve seen the opposite happen with Joan. -Ann

Peggy’s balls are bigger then his!!!! Also, I really wanted them to get it on. -Samhita

“You win the prize for the smuggest bitch in the world”

I want to win this prize every single day. -Ann

You do Ann! :P -Samhita

Roger’s insecurity over Don’s award

“You have crossed over from lubricated to morose.” aka, get it together Rog. -Samhita

Faye rejects Don at the awards after-party

“You smell good”?? Don is so far off his game, it’s not even funny. -Ann

Why is it always about smell for him?? What kind of manimal is he? -Samhita

Worst. Pick up lines. Ever. -Jos

SO bad. I was just waiting for him to start saying, “You know, there’s a party in my pants…”  -Vanessa

Don Draper before DON DRAPER; his repeated attempts to get noticed and hired by Roger Sterling

Roger never really hired Don but he loves to take credit for finding him. -Samhita

Don hires Jane’s cousin; “You will not be sorry,” “Go away”

I thought the parallel between this guy and young Don was a little ham-handed. After all, Don got broke into this business because Roger was drunk during the day (I think he didn’t actually give Don a job — Don made that up), and now this kid got his big break because Don used his idea while he was wasted at work. I wonder if this is foreshadowing that the new guy will actually be a decent copywriter? -Ann

Or dare I say a new and improved Don? -Vanessa

I heart Danny Strong (he was on Buffy! And wrote Recount!). That is all. -Jos

Pete Campbell and the reaction to hiring Ken Cosgrove

Judas priest! Pete is such an insecure child. -Ann

Really looking forward to seeing their dynamic (particularly Pete’s whiny ass) now that Cosgrove is back. -Vanessa

Everyone treating Peggy as if she’s expendable; and in the end her saving Don’s ass (and showing up the new Art Director)

Peggy is really a stand-in for the way women’s place in the workplace evolved. First, we’re thought of as incompetent. Then, once we work twice as hard as men to prove ourselves worthy, we’re relied upon but not credited for anything. I identify with Peggy’s work frustrations a little too much. -Ann

What Ann said. Which makes the fantasy element of the story – empowerment through nudity! – all the more fun. I just found out a friend who doesn’t watch the show but is always surrounded by feminists who are obsessed with it thought Peggy was the main character. -Jos

Don’s weekend-long bender — falling asleep with one woman, waking up with another who’s calling him Dick, forgetting to pick up his kids

This was painful to watch. The episode where Don hits bottom is going to be really rough. -Ann

What an incredibly disconcerting scene. The shift in class performance, from two award winning advertising executives to Dick Whitman and the waitress fit so well with the reveal at the end of the episode too – the mad men are just a bunch of drunks who faked their way into their positions. After this episode my friend Malissa said, “Actually, Don isn’t in this season. I think it’s all Dick Whitman.” Which I think is right on. -Jos

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