Notes from a bitch…on visibility…

I recently returned from volunteering in Anchorage Alaska with the No on 2 Campaign. Alaskan voters ultimately approved the parental notification measure but the No on 2 Campaign was not in vain, because when reproductive justice activists educate the public through grassroots activism progress happens!

My volunteer work in Alaska served as timely reminder that we need to be active in our communities and a vocal presence in political spaces. The No on 2 Campaign touched a lot of Alaskans…volunteers went door-to-door to discuss why parental notification puts teens at risk and took to the phones to discuss the issue too. The campaign went from being nearly 30 points down to coming within 10 points of defeating the measure at the polls. As much as I hate to lose in general, I really hate to lose when it means another abortion restriction will become law. But this campaign, like most, isn’t just defined by winning or losing…the No on 2 Campaign accomplished a lot even if it didn’t accomplish it’s goal of defeating the parental notification measure.

Now that the 2010 election season is picking up speed its time for reproductive justice activists to get active or, if you’re already active, get more active. Political candidates need to see us and hear from us and we need to see and hear what they are saying about reproductive health care on the campaign trail.

It’s also important to remember that our communities need to see and hear from us too – those opposed to reproductive justice are working overtime to define the movement and we need to counter their misinformation with visibility, activism and the truth.

I learned a lot while walking and talking in Anchorage. And I returned home knowing that reproductive justice advocates in Alaska will continue to provide health care to teens even as they work to make sure the public understands what this new law means.

The 2010 election season is upon us, y’all – get active and be visible!

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