Obama’s “Mission Accomplished” Moment

So you may have heard that Obama has declared the Iraq War is now part of America’s past, not its present — in theory, fulfilling one of his campaign promises. But I’m of the same mind as Shark Fu:

When you take a shit in the middle of the room and then smear that shit all over the floor and walls, you don’t get to take credit for putting together a kick ass clean up plan.

And we shouldn’t turn the page on a damn thing until we’ve read, understand and learn from what is written on that motherfucking page…cause this is the mind of major combat mission we should never indulge in again and history is littered with the stories of nations that failed to learn a damn thing from the fubar they created.

And what a FUBAR they created. Tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians died, as did nearly 4,500 American soldiers. Another 32,000 soldiers were wounded. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis became refugees. Iraqi civilians are still dying. All for the nice tidy sum of $740 billion — money that could have been used to actually better the lives of civilians, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Really, the “end of combat operations in Iraq” just means more money and attention will be directed toward America’s involvement in Afghanistan — you know, that war we’re supposedly fighting on behalf of women. Claiming an end to one conflict while re-investing in another. I don’t think this is what John and Yoko meant by “war is over if you want it.”

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  • http://feministing.com/members/mjameson/ Matthew T. Jameson

    I can’t help but be critical of this post. For starters, SharkFu articulated a perspective on the war, and that’s fair enough, but what, if anything, does thhis post even add to SharkFu’s analysis, besides some well-known and well-reported stats? Secondly, what exactly in Obama’s behavior are we criticizing? Yes, the so-called “combat” troops are gone. Obama announced this in a less-than-stellar, not real focused, not real charismatic speech. Did Obama ever claim to have executed a “kickass cleanup plan”? I’m not reading that in his speech. If that’s how you read it, please quote and we can have a discussion. Secondly, how exactly is it that Obama shit in a room and smear it around? A more accurate comparison would be someone buying a house that included such a shit-smeared room, cleaning it up, and then announcing that we can now turn the page on the shit.

    The discussion about not turning the page until we’ve read and understood the page. What would you have Obama do? State that the troops who died, were physically scarred and emotionally scarred have all suffered in vain and for a great lie? This would be true, but from a pragmatic perspective, would be political suicide, and would probably doom us to a Republican president in 2 years. Would you have Obama go down that road, so that we can get some abstract satisfaction? Come on. I am all for dissent, but if we are going to dissent, if behooves us to describe an alternative course of action for our leaders to take, or at least identify a specific behavior to criticize. Your critiques just feel like an outpouring of anger about the war, directed at the guy who inherited it, not the guy who started it.

  • http://feministing.com/members/tessarants/ Tessa

    Well said. It’s also important to note that only “combat troops” have been removed. Meaning we’re still enacting a sort of marshal law over Iraq with remaining troops. We have not really left Iraq, we’re just no longer shooting as many civilians.