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(Un)feminist Guilty Pleasures: Taylor Freaking Swift

TweetAnyone who has ever been foolish enough to entrust me with the creation of a playlist intended for public consumption knows that I have terrible, terrible taste in music. I pretend to like country ironically, and I act like I only listen to bubblegum pop to keep up with the zeitgeist, but that’s because I’m [...]
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Feministing tech note

TweetIf you’re a regular reader, I don’t doubt you’ve noticed it — the site has been pretty effing difficult to get to these days. For that, our sincere apologies! In short, non-technical terms, the current server we have doesn’t have enough power and we need to change servers so that we can have y’all get [...]
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What We Missed.

TweetA disturbing trend in child abuse between men and young boys in Afghanistan. The cause? Women’s oppression. Obama, “I can’t spend all my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead.” via TPM. “There was nothing good about Katrina” via Brentin Mock at the Root. Tami on disenfranchised folks being asked to be the [...]
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Happy 30th Birthday Vanessa!

Tweet I think we get a sense of how Vanessa feels about 30. This weekend we celebrated Miss Vanessa Valenti’s 30th birthday. Vanessa is now part of the “in our 30′s” club and I know she is going to rock it with the same fierce determination, finesse and dope ass dance moves she got through [...]
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Women Who Rule (on the Supreme Court)

TweetDahlia Lithwick on whether having three women on the Supreme Court will “change the court in any real way”: For centuries, the Supreme Court has been zealously opining on whether or not women are fit to practice law, or tend bar, work a 10-hour day, support their families, use birth control, or terminate their pregnancies. [...]
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