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How ’bout that: The word “abortion” is googled the most in conservative areas and areas where abortion is restricted.

Pennsylvania has changed its policy so that trans folks can change their driver’s licenses to appropriately reflect their gender. Woot!

Charming: The Family Research Council has released a new ad attacking “Harry Reid and homosexual activists” on DADT.

Dr. Seymour L. Romney, the Founder and Chair of the first board of directors of Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health (PRCH), has passed away.

A new report has been released on the abuses and discrimination against women and girls with disabilities in Northern Uganda.

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  • http://feministing.com/members/kaelin/ Matt

    Regarding the US in particular, one of the comments on the abortion article mentions that conservative states tend to have higher levels of abortion (per capita, I think), and with these being per capita, this would probably explain the search trend by itself (more people seeking abortion means more searches, even without the barriers of access factoring in… although those matter, too).

    Why do conservative states tend to have more abortions despite barriers to get them? Well, they’re ending up with more unplanned pregnancies… probably because they tend to lack comprehensive sex education and they have cultures that place a priority on broadly avoiding sex (which doesn’t have a significant impact) and not avoiding pregnancy before and during sex (which has a very substantial impact). Also, liberal regions tend do a better job of empowering girls and women to set their limits, which can help them avoid unwanted sex (which religious conservatives would love if it didn’t subvert the patriarchy some of them are so fond of) — and it just so happens that unwanted sex tends to be penile-vaginal (the kind that can lead to pregnancies) and is far more likely to not include protection (the kind with the most risk of pregnancy).