Palin want a cracker?


#Ohnoshedidnt. Sarah Palin is not only hijacking the term “feminist”, but is now co-opting feminists’ charge that she’s co-opting feminism. It’s like she’s completely incapable of conjuring up any original thought on her own. And if she can only manage to bite off everything this “cackle of rads” have to say, what exactly does that make her?

The Hill reports that she posted the tweet in response to Emily’s List new campaign against her and subsequent hashtag, #SarahDoesntSpeakforMe, resulting in a Palin-Emily’s List Twitter smackdown. The newest hashtag in response? #cackleofrads. Sounds like a good band name.

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  • deafbrowntrash

    Her tweet was pointless because “cackle” is a historically MISOGYNISTIC, SEXIST word used to describe older, un-married women for the way they laugh. you know, witches, spinsters, old maids.


    • Kimberly

      “Keep failin’, Palin”–I like it! :-)

  • Nahida

    She once said in an interview that she was a feminist “whatever that is.”

    She’s repulsive.

    • Kimberly

      Agreed. She calls herself a feminist yet she and her fellow “Momma Grizzlies” are anti-choice, anti-birth control, anti-comprehensive sex education, and anti-VAWA. I also read on another link on this site that she’s also anti-gay. If she were truly feminist, she’d realize that the mistreatment and oppression of gays reinforces the mistreatment and oppression of women. Somebody needs to read FULL FRONTAL FEMINISM. Somebody needs to take a Women’s and Gender Studies class or two, or three…

      • Kimberly

        She’s definitely not getting MY vote in 2012….

  • zill222

    I really have no interesting in defending Feminism from all the people who use the term in any way that doesn’t 100 % agree with my definition of feminism. It is just too exhausting and I have a job and go to school. There are so many reasons to not vote for, not pay attention to, and not contribute financially to an of the effort of Sarah Palin that have to do with her actual actions and nothing to do with the labels that she gives herself. I just really feel like Feminism can’t be co-opted. I am not afraid that one day I am going to come to feminist meetings and find that every one there wants to stop teaching women how to read.

    Vanessa, if there are rules about who gets to use the label feminist, who made them? How do I know that I am not co-opting feminism (how do you know you aren’t)? I have seen a couple of conversation about what feminism political beliefs are the inherently feminist here on Feministing and as I recall we couldn’t reach a consensus. I don’t like Sarah Palin, I don’t agree with Sarah Palin, I really want her to run for President because 1) she will lose, 2) she lose spectacularly, 3) Tina Fey will make fun of her while she does it, but is she really corrupting the movement?

    Let’s say that one Mama Grizzly hears SP call herself a Feminist and says “Wow, I must be a feminist too!” and goes out and buys a Ms./Bust/Bitch magazine and reads it. She will either say “Oh, crap, I am not a feminist! “or say “Oh, this is what we [the feminist] believe.” I am not arguing that SP is good for feminism in anyway I an just saying that I am not threatened by her.

    I don’t own the word feminism and you don’t either. I just feel like a child when we start yelling at other people saying “You are in my CLUB!”

    Oh, by the way if I move to a super red state where all the decisions get made in the Republican Primary I am totally going to register as a R so I can vote in said primary and I will vote for SP for the 2012 presidential nominee. I am not kidding, The idea of Sarah Palin running for president makes me giddy.

    Palin/Beck 2012!

  • nazza

    Just Jedi Mind Tricks to me, honestly. I’d suggest she take a course on Feminist history, but she’d never enroll.

    • Kimberly

      “I’d suggest she take a course on Feminist history, but she’d never enroll.”

      As I said above, I’d suggest she read FULL FRONTAL FEMINISM and take some Women’s and Gender Studies courses. I highly doubt she’d do those, either.

  • jillian

    “cackle” must be another Palin-ism in the lines of refudiate. maybe she meant “gaggle” (a group of geese) but, as stated above, but need to put a group of grumpy women spin on it.

  • Rebecca

    I highly doubt Palin knew this before writing her twitter comment, but a “cackle” is actually the scientific name for a group of hyenas. I think she meant it in the “witchy” vein though.

    On another note, I don’t take offense at all to being called a “rad.” Too bad Palin missed the mid 90’s, in which being “rad” was the coolest thing.

  • Danielle Kraten

    exactly — while “cackle” does have misogynistic connotations, it’s simply the wrong word.

    also, does she realize that by calling radicals “rads” instead, she is just calling us awesome in a very ’80s way?

    • Kimberly

      Unless it’s an attempt to take the sting out of the word, like what some people do with terms like “slut,” “skank,” etc.? But in my own personal opinion, those words are hurtful and misogynistic no matter what. Same for cackle.

  • Mark

    Who hijacked the term “feminist”? A person who wanted to make women pay for rape kits.

    Between this and her defence of Dr. Laura[0], she’s batting 1000 for stupidity this week.

    [0] Incidentally, I love how the crypto-racists are trying to make it solely about the use of the n-word, never mind Schlesinger’s belittlement of the caller’s serious concerns about racist attitudes among her husband and friends, not to mention that crack about her decision to marry a guy of European descent, and all that other icky “context” stuff. Have they no decency or shame?

  • artofme

    Sarah Palin is forgetting the history of the word feminism. When you look at what Sarah Palin believes in, and then what every generation of feminism has believed in, they are very different. She’s just showing once again how ignorant she is.

  • Kimberly

    “…what exactly does that make her?”

    I’d say a fauxminist–a fake feminist.