Post Abortion Syndrome Doesn’t Exist

Partial transcript available here (complete transcript forthcoming)

Via Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health.

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  • Kimberly

    I agree with Dr. Stotland. And as Jessica Valenti said in her book Full Frontal Feminism, the stigmas attached to abortion contribute to the so-called “post-abortion syndrome.” You’d feel depressed too if people called you a murderer or a sinner. The whole “abortion trauma syndrome” thing is just a weasel word that anti-choice people use to make it seem like they’re concerned about the health and well-being of women. But in reality, they’re not–again, to quote Valenti, perhaps if they did care, they wouldn’t make [it] up.

  • Jessica

    It is my belief that because Post Abortion Syndrome isnt listed in the DSM IV does not mean it does or does not exist. It was only relatively recently that homosexuality was removed from the DSM and in the current DSM IV “transvestic fetishism” and “gender identity disorder” (GID) are included as disorders.

    I also believe that it is important to uphold womens right to choose, but their options need to be very clearly presented. This video really makes it seem that symptoms of abortion are a trifling thing. Im sad to say that with many women they are not. From my own personal experience of having a late term abortion at the age of 14 ( I was in labor for about 3 hours before I delivered a non-living 5 month old fetus) the effects can be life shattering. Not only had I been diagnosed with bipolar depression and was on medication for it, I had a severe problem with association. I would not touch my vulva even in the shower, and certainly I wouldnt let anyone else touch it. It wasnt until I was 22 years old that I started to use art therapy and get to a point where I can function on a daily bases. I still have problems with Nosocomephobia.

    While every woman will react differently I think its important that they know all of the risks involved: the cost/mental and physical toll having the baby could potentially have on them as well as the cost/mental and physical toll having an abortion could potentially have on them. As far as the prior counseling abortion clinics are supposed to provide, I was given a waiver to sign stating I didnt want any. At the time I was 14 and signing papers, it wasnt until later that my mother mentioned it.

    I think the most important thing we can do is fight tooth and nail to have abstinence only education erased completely, because whether or not abortion is the right choice for you Im sure we can all say its one we’d rather not have to make.

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  • Chelsey Worth

    Hats off to the former head of the APA! Awesome, extremely well articulated debunking of PAS.