What We Missed.

Arpaio continues to be an asshole.

Anthony Weiner goes in on the Republicans over the 9-11 Health Bill.

On the obsession with Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

A possible House bill would ban federal funding of abortion.

Pregnant women losing out on home loans.

Brazil has seen an increase in sex tourism.

G.D. and TNC on Essence hiring a white fashion director.

Have a good weekend folks!

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  • http://feministing.com/members/lllyns/ switchintoglide

    Aaaaaand all but one of these links only really pertains to the States, and none of them have a qualifier indicating that they specifically pertain to the States, or any context to boot. Ya’ll know you have a very large international readership, right?

    • http://feministing.com/members/starzki6/ ellestar

      “What We Missed” posts are, as I remember, also an invitation to share news stories that you’ve found interesting, too.

      So link away if you think they’ve missed something important (like international news stories)!

      Be the change you wish to see in the world.