There are (finally) laws protecting us from things like this…

NOM, the National Organization for Marriage, is at it again.  I posted about one of their demonstrations quite a while ago, but they have been making headlines this summer with their national tour.  Their website boasts of their 23 city voyage as well as all of the “bullying” activists have “inflicted” upon them:

Civil rights????? PLEASE.  This group is clearly just using familiar rhetoric to rile up a jaded sense of “defending the sanctity of marriage,” heck, of America itself. But I ask you, what are the effects of groups like this.  Exhibit A:

Surely the spokespersons for the group would not (publicly) condone murder, but look at what type of mindsets they inspire, cultivate, and give a home to. I say NO MORE! The newly passed Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act now makes it a punishable act to endorse a blatant hate crime. The maker of the sign was kind enough to leave his name, make sure it’s put to good use. Contact Indianapolis law enforcement and demand that this man be brought to justice:

(317) 229-3700

U.S. District Court
Birch Bayh Federal Building and
United States Courthouse
46 East Ohio Street, Room 105
Indianapolis, IN 46204

PS: With all the hate in this world…send someone who needs it your love today

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