Thanks, CommandC!

We’re still in the middle of our launch excitement, but I wanted to take a second to thank the wonderful team at CommandC, who – under the leadership of the fabulous Sara Bacon – made this new site possible.  They worked with us from the very beginning, brainstorming goals and branding, till the bitter end getting no sleep to ensure that the redesigned site went up smoothly.  They took all of our scattered ideas about increasing community functions and social networking and came up with the brilliant new My Feministing; they listened to our concerns about overly-cluttered home pages and worked with us to organize all of our content (and there’s a lot of it!) in a seamless way.

But besides the kick ass job they did design and tech-wise, it was really their transparency, professionalism and calm that made this transition so easy and pleasant.  (Anyone who has every redesigned a site knows how stressful the process can be!)  So big hugs and kisses from Feministing to CommandC – we couldn’t be happier with the work you did and we hope we have a reason to collaborate again in the future!

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  • commandc

    Thank YOU Feministing. It was such an honor to work with you and be a part of a project whose mission we feel so strongly about. Working with good people makes all the difference. Cheers!

  • Sam

    Hey, nice work. One question – how did you do the “originally featured in the community blog” in the Buddypress structure? Replicate the original post in the main blog? Or create a custom loop that includes the two blogs?