Ken Buck, “Vote for me because I don’t wear heels.”

Ken Buck, Colorado Republican Senate candidate believes the reason you should vote for him instead of Jane Norton is because he doesn’t wear heels (and because his cowboy boots are full of bullshit). Seriously.

And shudder to think the best thing Obama gave us is “Tea Parties and a great constitutional newspaper” but I digress.

He claims she questioned his manhood. In response to ads against her she said, “You’ve seen those ads attacking me. They’re paid for by a shady interest group doing the bidding of Ken Buck. You’d think Ken would be man enough to do it himself.” I really hate when people suggest that men should “man up,” because it relies on the idea that masculinity assumes being tough, strong, unemotional and reinforces traditional gender norms for men. Her statement was problematic.

But while that is problematic, she didn’t suggest he shouldn’t be elected because he is a man. In responding with the heels comment Buck is drawing from and reinforcing the idea that women don’t belong in politics. He claims he was kidding, but realizes the joke wasn’t really that funny. Yeah, no shit.

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