Welcome to Feministing Campus!

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Hey there it’s Lori. I’m here because I have the great privilege of officially launching Feministing Campus. Feministing Campus is a new blog that will be devoted exclusively to lending voice to feminist activism that’s taking place on college campuses really across the country and across the globe. I think that the concept for Feministing campus originated from the fact that we had a lot of people posting to the community site and commenting about the work that they’re already doing on college campuses and we just really wanted to create a space to support that work because we really value it. We think it’s really important for the greater feminist movement.

So who will be blogging on Feministing Campus? Basically, lots of wonderful people. Campus activists, bloggers from across the country who are contributing to the conversation around campus life, and academia, and what it means to be a feminist today. We’re already working with great schools like Texas A&M, Univ. of Minnesota, SAFER, a bunch of really really great bloggers and schools and people. And so if you’d actually like to be involved and are not already, you should definitely send me an email or emal any of the editors and contributors and let us know. Tell us a little bit about yourself. And yeah, thats about it. So consider Feministing Campus officially launched. Get excited! I know we’re really excited. I think this is going to be something that’s really great. So, thanks!

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