Palin’s all-white “Mama Grizzlies”

If you haven’t seen Sarah Palin’s latest shrewd attempt to reach out to women…well, here it is.

Transcript available at Shakesville.
The language is taken from a recent speech Palin gave at the Susan B. Anthony List – an anti-choice organization – where she tried (unsuccessfully) to paint herself as the “true” feminist. This ad is just another cynical move to appropriate feminism and feminist rhetoric; somehow Palin believes by shouting “yay women!” over and over again no one will notice that her policies are as anti-woman as they come.
The other telling part of this ad is that there only seems to be one kind of “mama grizzly” Palin is interested in wooing. Check out this letter to The Washington Post.

…In watching Ms. Palin hugging her supporters and handing out flowers, I saw something else. I noticed only one slightly off-white face among the many people she was reaching out to. And Ms. Palin pointedly says that conservative women are “mama grizzlies,” more formidable than “pit bulls.”
Of the deeply feminine women I know, none of them exclude people of color from her personal embrace.

Shocking, I know.
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